Fashion With A Purpose: Terrence Christopher

There is a Michigan-based clothing line that I’ve fallen in love with. The brand, Terrence Christopher, specializes in T-shirts that promote beauty, specifically in the black experience. This is a message I can totally get behind! Especially considering today’s racial climate, I think it’s important to remind our community, as well as our youth, that black is beautiful. Terrence Christopher has found a fashionable way to do just that.

Remember when Solange’s A Seat At The Table was released, and we were blessed with an entire album that told the story of just how divine the black experience is? Remember how amazing it felt to hear Tina Lawson (aka Mama Tina) exclaim, “There’s so much beauty in being black!” That feeling! That exact feeling is how one feels while adorned in a Terrence Christopher shirt.

The shirts feature historical black figures such as Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, and Dorothy Dandridge just to name a few. The messages on the shirts serve to highlight our power, strength, courage, and of course beauty as a people.

In a society where narrow ideas of what defines beauty are constantly reinforced by our media, I love that Terrence Christopher is striving to interrupt that ideology, and tell the world that life through the black lens can be just as admirable.





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