Mandy Lashes


Let’s talk about eyelashes, lashes, falsies, or whatever you like to call them. I’ve seen a rise in lash options in recent years, well practical options I should say. Whenever someone mentioned lashes to me in the past, I would cringe because I instantly pictured those super thick, heavy, unrealistic looking lashes. No thanks, I don’t want to feel like my eyelids are getting a workout in every time I blink. But now there are sooo many options! I know some women that get eyelash extensions professionally done that look absolutely gorg!

As for me, I can’t commit to anything that permanent. I don’t necessarily feel like I need a set of lashes on EVERY DAY, but I do like my eyes to look nicely decorated from time to time. I will typically throw on a strip for special occasions, or if I’m going out for the night, or if I know I’m gonna run into an old frenemy…ya know, important times like that. I typically will just run to my local BSS (aka beauty supply store, come on girl get with the times) or drugstore cosmetic department for a nice strip.

Now there’s a million different options when you go to purchase a lash strip. I tend to gravitate towards the wispy or demi-wispy lashes. In my opinion, they look more natural. The lashes typically alternate in the length, but follow a natural trend of elongating toward the outer corner of the strip. This is essentially the pattern in which our own lashes grow. I prefer this over a strip that has all lashes evenly placed, with each lash the same in length as the one it’s adjacent to. I mean whose lashes actually look like that?

This has been my method of dressing up my lashes for years. It worked fine, so I wasn’t really looking to change anything, until one day I was strolling through Instagram and I stumbled upon Mandy Lashes by Mandy Cosmetics. They offer a luxury mink collection of premier eyelashes. There were a few different styles, but the Goddess style really stood out to me. I decided to purchase a pair, and I’m literally sooo glad I did.


They arrived quickly, and they came packaged so nicely. These Lashes, unlike my other ones from the drugstore, are really sturdy, and clearly intended for more than just one use. The hairs on the lashes feel so real and I truly felt like a Goddess wearing them. These lashes are the Chanel bag of all my lashes – I plan on keeping them safe, and pulling them out when I REALLY need to step it up!


For a limited time you can receive a 10% discount by using code “Mesha10” when you order at

I’d love to see pics when you receive your lashes, so please @ me when you post! Don’t forget a pair of tweezers, and some solid eyelash glue!



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